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Sales Force
Web sites and business magazines are abuzz with news on advertising mix modelling to help companies optimize returns on their advertising investments value. Irrespective of the topic from the media's currency, tools and the concepts of marketing mix modelling back 30 to forty years. Another cause of the growing interest in marketing mix modelling is the proliferation of new media, for example, Internet, on-line communities, search engines, event marketing, sports marketing, viral advertising, mobile phones, text messaging, etc. Nobody knows how to measure the value of those new ways to spend the advertising dollars of one. Corporate executives need to understand the forms of advertising investments that are likely to produce long term revenue growth to grow revenue and gains. 

That is, what combination of marketing and advertising investments will generate the greatest sales growth and\/or maximize profits? Eureka. Marketing mix modelling might offer some answers to these issues that are difficult. Exactly just what is marketing mix modelling? The term is broadly utilized and applied to a wide range of advertising models used to assess different elements of advertising plans, such as advertising, advertising, packaging, press weight levels, sales force numbers, etc. Regression is the workhorse of the majority of, although these models may be of many types. Marketing mix modelling can help in making specific advertising decisions and tradeoffs, however it may also create a broad platform of knowledge to guide strategic planning. 

From a conceptual viewpoint, there are two major approaches to pursue in marketing mix modeling. In longitudinal analyses, exactly the corporation looks at sales and gains over a number of time periods, when compared with the marketing inputs in both of these time periods. At exactly the cross sectional approach, exactly the corporation's various sales territories each receive unique advertising inputs at the exact same time, or these inputs are methodically diverse across the sales territories, and are when compared to exactly the sales and profit outcomes. Irrespective of method, marketing mix modelling may be successful only if accurate and extremely specific data are available upon that the modelling can be based. 

So the initial step in any modelling campaign is designing the data warehouse which will support the modeling. Clean, accurate, extremely specific data is absolutely indispensable for successful modeling. Every company and sector are different, however, the nature and strength of a business's sales force may create variables for the advertising models. Most significant, the data warehouse must be cautiously maintained with time and continuously updated, because marketing modelling can't be an one time thing. As a company learns what drives its individual brands, commonalities are frequently found that make it simpler, and less expensive, to construct marketing models for its other brands.


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