Continents Are There

Continents Are There
The use of treaties in the promotion of investmentsInternational and trade treaties are now previously, playing a role in international trade relations. With technologies and the developing communication systems, and since every aspect of activities is currently impacting, transactions between nations on all continents have become more complicated and complicated. With this new century, both capital flows and investment transactions, in addition to trade have reached levels that were unprecedented. The more complicated are the higher is the number of treaties and principles adopted for a management that is safer and fairer governance of the market, the trade operations. It is estimated that there are now over 50.000 international treaties.

Around 600 of those treaties deal just with multilateral trade issues. There are 210 important treaties of prime interest to get the promotion of investment and trade, covering topics of highest concern within the global trade like international contracts, investment, IP, illicit trade, customs, finance, transportation, environment and products, dispute resolution, treaty law and WTO arrangements. According to a research study these treaties all don't have the same significance for their impact can affect trade interest of a nation based on their interests focus. The issue concerning their impact on the sector's operation and the significance of treaties is of great concern for nation.

Experts usually agree to assert that successful international treaties are very important as they can facilitate safer inter state relations, reduce problems of conflicts between nations, improve international collaboration and understanding between nations, and most of all, they promote the worldwide rule of law. Trade treaties like WTO Agreements and the UN multilateral treaties are shaping the way commerce is conducted. Adopting these treaties sends a signal to global investors and trade operators that a nation is intent on creating a safe climate for business. The option of treaties to ratify and their successful implementation could make a decisive difference with regards to economic development as a consequence of greater business confidence and public consciousness within a country's business community.

Many least developed country like Mozambique risks being victims of economic stagnation since they do not adopt major existing treaties, and don't contribute to new ones. Faced with the complicated rules contained in the plethora of trade and investment treaties, these nations frequently do not know where to focus their particular interest nor to focus their restricted resources. Taking into consideration the specific case of Mozambique, there would be only 42 treaties ratified out from the 210 considered by the ITC since most essential for trade promotion and facilitation.

Therefore, with regards to number of ratified instruments, Mozambique is ranked at the worldwide level no.


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